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saber153 asked:

Oh I got another one (WoW related again thou =w=) what race in WoW would you most like to see as a playable race one day?

I have a handful of things that I think would be cool playable races, BUT I understand that these never will be playable races for many reasons. And that’s fine. Just want to make that clear, haha. So I like these races for cosmetic and lore reasons, but I know and accept that they will never be playable.

The Qiraji are a pretty awesome race. Their buggy bodies and architecture are pretty unique. The Saberon are an obvious like because they are big, ferocious kitty-people, haha. Tuskar are pretty cool because they are big, chubby walrus-people. Then there’s the Arakkoa- high and corrupted, I think that’s the two different kind. I like them both, and I love the high Arakkoa models they put in WoD. These hunched over, brillian bird-people are amazing, and their story is even better.

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