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I quit tumblr 

He published it.

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what a beautiful day to not be in high school



kents-writing: “Does anyone know if the same happens to male sex workers? Or trans sex workers? I know the number of male and trans sex workers is a lot lower than woman in sex work, but it would be interesting to see nonetheless.”

Yes, it does! It’s not nearly as common, but it still happens! I’ve seen women harass all kinds of dudes here just the same as men harass the women. BUT from what I have seen, which may not be true somewhere else, women don’t seem to be as… violent about it. After the men have said no a couple of times, most women seem to leave them be. Same can be said for men-to-women interactions. It really depends on the person in my opinion.

This also happens regardless of sexual orientation. I have seen no discrimination in behavior in this area. A lesbian might harrass another woman, a gay man might harass a woman, a woman might harass a gay man, etc etc. I’ve seen it all. @n@ It’s crazy stuff.

To all the people who complained about Sims 4 “missing so many features omg worst game ever”:

I told you so.


Hi guys, I am sorry to say that I can’t keep this blog open as a “story/ask blog”. As many have noticed, I have been unable to keep up with and update this blog as of late. I really wanted to be able to keep a story going and update 3+ times a week, but my current hectic schedule (which is about to get even crazier) just isn’t going to allow me to keep up with it like that. I am sorry to disappoint everyone.

However, I will be keeping this blog up and running. It will still be dedicated to my monster girl OCs, just don’t expect any consistent updates or any type of story.  All drawings of The Squish Squad girls will still be posted here, and I will also reblog any fan art or post any submissions.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thank you for understanding.

Just don’t have the time right now. Sorry guys.


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